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The heat, humidity, sun and casual lifestyle in Florida present unique challenges and opportunities for stylish and healthy hair.

3 Winter 2019 Hair Trends:

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While South Florida may not be battling snow days and negative temps, we still consider Winter in Florida a season … maybe? With with any “season” it’s an opportunity to change up your look and try one of the newest hair trends. Not sure what you’re looking for? In honor of our warm Florida weather, we have complied the 3 hottest hair trends to try in Winter 2019.

1. To Put it Bluntly 

The blunt jawline bob is the ultimate it-girl fashion statement and the cut is only getting shorter in 2019. Be sure to ask your favorite Bond Street Stylist for a straight bob in line with your jawline, shorter in back and longer in front. Just an inch or two below your ears. This modern bob can be elevated and styled according to your mood: add waves for volume, add texture spray for definition and for a sexier finish go choppy on the ends.

2. Simple + Sophisticated

Looking for love in Winter 2019? Add some soft bangs! These romantic and wispy bangs add extra dimension to long hair or playful dimension to shorter cuts. Bangs help to frame your face and long fringe is coming back in a big way this season. The cut can add extra shape to every hair texture and doesn’t require a lot of styling.

3. Sweet Seamless Layers

Not sure if you want to go short but also don’t want to keep it long? Then the mid-length lob is perfect! This cut falls between short and long while staying on trend. The cut utilizes seamless layers to create a more structured and less textured look. Ask for your length to be between a bob and mid-length with blunt edges. Fine hair can achieve this look by adding subtle layers to help maintain the strong shape.

Bond Street Salon is a proud Wella Salon, only a hairdresser can reveal your true color. For over 135 years, Wella has been delivering professional hair color innovations that enable hairdressers’ creativity. Schedule your 2019 appointment today + stock up on your Winter hair essentials: Bond Street Salon, Delray Beach FL (561) 330-8760

Fall 2018 Hair Color Trends

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Say hello to Fall and cooler, toned-down hair color trends this season. It’s time to indulge in those coffee colored browns and deep red tones for a fresh Autumn look. We have complied 3 of the latest hair color trends for fall 2018. The inspiration you need to transition from bold summer looks to toned-down fabulous Fall style.

Fall Trend 1: Toned-Down Brown

Take a walk on the cooler side with deep chocolate and coffee color browns. Often called both classic and romantic, these deep chocolatey hues never go out of style. At first glance dark hair can seem “all the same”, add dimension by including subtle caramel highlights that emphasize the hair’s movement. Darker tones help frame your face and illuminate skin tones.

Fall trend 2: Bold Burgundy Hair

Fall fans can’t get enough of the deep red tones. These bold hues range from bright reds to rich, deep burgundy shades. If you can’t decide between red and brown go auburn! Pair face-framing highlights with tousled locks for an artfully un-done look this Fall.

Fall trend 3: Subtle Two-Tones

Try the hottest street style trend; the tone on tone ombrè. This season it’s all about the darker roots and ever so subtle lighter ends. Indulge in the haute 2018 darker hair trend with this subtle transition. We bet you won’t be able to tell where the darker hair ends and the lighter hair starts!

Bond Street Salon is a proud Wella Salon, only a hairdresser can reveal your true color. For over 135 years, Wella has been delivering professional hair color innovations that enable hairdressers’ creativity. Schedule your appointment today + stock up on your Fall hair essentials: Bond Street Salon, Delray Beach FL (561) 330-8760

Delray Beach Magazine – February 2015

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With some of the best lighting and mirrors around, you’ll feel every bit of the glamorous Vidal Sassoon influence that inspires Bond Street Salon. The Bond Street approach is rooted in the belief that healthy, relaxed hair is the key to beautiful hair. Clients are treated to weekly complimentary deep conditioning hair treatments that combat the environmental factors of coastal living. Its new Under the Sun products help protect your hair from the heat, sun and salt of our humid, beach clime, as well as maintain your sleek, chic Bond Street style at home.

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We’re season-less here in Florida but we still share the same excitement for the end of summer, even though cooler days cease to exist for another 4+ months. Most things stay the same—the foliage, coats remain tucked away in dark corners of closets, and it’s still hot enough not to be able to crack your windows at night. We may not be able to see or feel fall, but one thing that always changes seasonally is style, no matter your location. Certain colors fade where monochromatic color schemes are introduced.

More women are inclined to change their hair color or style or both before the change of a season. Light+Short for Spring/Summer. Dark+Long for Fall/Winter. Floridians participate in a pseudo “fall season” in an attempt to break up the year-round monotony. An urge for change is created that is unmarked by weather, rather we’re informed by styles changing elsewhere, and whether drastic or subtle, expressing yourself through fashion—switching up your color/cut, or accessorizing  etc., is FUNNNNNN. If you’ve been lusting after a certain color, cut, or style for a while, go for it—there’s a reason you keep considering it, and nothing with hair is permanent!

Here are some hair trends for FALL/WINTER 2014:

The French Plait + Fish Tail Plait
Side Parts
The Undone Look
Center Parted Low Pony





Being Florida Fabulous: Protecting Your Hair from Swimming, Sun and Surf For Your Best Summer Hair Ever!

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Memorial Day weekend is the traditional kickoff to summer.  At Bond Street that means pinning cats’ eye sunglasses and retro styled swimsuits over on Pinterest, perfecting our mango margarita recipe, and enjoying all the things that make a Florida summer so wonderful –  the swimming, the surf and the sun.

It also means talking with our clients about how to protect their hair while still enjoying all the best aspects of Florida living. Sun, salt water and pool chemicals can take a harsh toll on your hair, leaving it brittle, faded and dry. At Bond Street Salon, we pride ourselves on being a treatment based salon that focuses on healthy hair first and foremost. Unlike other salons, our treatments and techniques were created with the Florida environment in mind.

So how do you enjoy the sun, the beach and the pool and still have gorgeous hair come Labor Day? It’s easier than you think.

Normally a hat goes against everything we stand for – love your hair, don’t cover your hair! But when it comes to spending your days outside in the baking Florida sun, loving your hair means covering your hair. Invest in a cute hat that complements your favorite swimsuit and make sure you keep it in your beach or pool bag. We’ll be pinning some to our Fashion board on Pinterest so check it out.

When it comes to swimming, you have two choices: keep your lovely head above water (and your hat on) or be careful and consistent about protecting your hair every time you swim. Soak it with cool clean tap water and slather on a leave in conditioner before you dive in, and be sure to rinse and condition again after your swim.

Most of all, come in for your complimentary treatment each week! It’s nourishing, it’s luxurious, and it can make an astonishing difference in the health and beauty of your hair.

As always, use good quality products, lay off the heat styling (or skip it altogether!) and have your hair trimmed regularly.

Enjoy the South Florida summer, Bond Streeters! What a wonderful place to live!


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