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We’re season-less here in Florida but we still share the same excitement for the end of summer, even though cooler days cease to exist for another 4+ months. Most things stay the same—the foliage, coats remain tucked away in dark corners of closets, and it’s still hot enough not to be able to crack your windows at night. We may not be able to see or feel fall, but one thing that always changes seasonally is style, no matter your location. Certain colors fade where monochromatic color schemes are introduced.

More women are inclined to change their hair color or style or both before the change of a season. Light+Short for Spring/Summer. Dark+Long for Fall/Winter. Floridians participate in a pseudo “fall season” in an attempt to break up the year-round monotony. An urge for change is created that is unmarked by weather, rather we’re informed by styles changing elsewhere, and whether drastic or subtle, expressing yourself through fashion—switching up your color/cut, or accessorizing  etc., is FUNNNNNN. If you’ve been lusting after a certain color, cut, or style for a while, go for it—there’s a reason you keep considering it, and nothing with hair is permanent!

Here are some hair trends for FALL/WINTER 2014:

The French Plait + Fish Tail Plait
Side Parts
The Undone Look
Center Parted Low Pony






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Under The Sun is formulated with powerful botanical moisturizing extracts, antioxidants, and sun protection that strengthen, heal and protect your hair from the unpredictably of the SUN, SALT, HEAT and HUMIDITY. Our sulfate free and sodium chloride free wonder shampoo gently cleanses and retains your hair’s natural oils, moisture, color,and proteins.

Our multi-faceted conditioner leaves each strand shiny and soft. It can be used as a daily rinse, a deep conditioning treatment, or as a leave-in treatment to protect hair from day to day, to long term effects of coastal living exposure. Each product is strategically designed to infuse your hair with the moisture it needs to thrive, while shielding your hair from the excessive moisture the environment so ungraciously bestows upon you.

Sun: Everything is under the sun (unless you live underground). The sun burns and fades the color of your hair as easily as it burns your skin and fades the cushions of your outdoor furniture. True Story. Under the Sun is strategically formulated with a variety of natural sun protectors and anti-oxidants that work together to help shield your hair from the sun’s fierce rays.

Salt: Salt inhabits both air and water and is notorious for stripping your hair of its natural oils and moisture—leaving behind a filmy chalk-like residue. Have you noticed that your hair feels straw-like after leaving the beach or when you’ve finished exercising? Yep, you can thank salt for that. Under The Sun gently cleanses and replenishes those hijacked nutrients by locking in moisture and sealing the cuticle, making it impossible for salt to disrupt your awesome hair day.

This inescapable element extracts sweat from our bodies and exhales us into pools and oceans in an attempt to cool down. Let’s not forget about the hot tools used in everyday styling. It’s ok, we use them too. Incorporating hot tools (blow-dryers + flat irons) into your daily hair regimen can damage your hair and leave it feeling weak, brittle, and dry, especially after a long day at the beach. Under The Sun gives your hair strength, elasticity, and the moisture it needs to withstand these extremely hot conditions. So leave your beach hat behind, we’ve got you covered.

Atmospheric moisture, we refer to it as “bad moisture,” blows up your cuticle leaving your hair frizzy and unruly. Under The Sun consists of only “good moisture” and fills the entire hair shaft while sealing the outer layer (cuticle) in order to prevent “bad moisture” from getting in. We pretty much figured out how to lock out humidity. RIP.

ALL Under The Sun Hair Care products are Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Sodium Chloride Free, and WE DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS.

8oz | 32oz | Travel-Pac



Ink, Art & Beauty – April 2013

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Appearing on Spike TV’s “Ink Master” was only the tip of the iceberg of the successful career of painter, tattoo artist, and model Lea Vendetta.  The SoFlo ink slinger of Parisian origin has been fully emerged in the tattoo culture since the age of 18, when she decided that venturing into the tattoo scene and getting tatted was more important to her than the bourgeois modeling scene of those times.  When Lea first ventured into modeling, tattooed ladies—well, actually, the tattoo lifestyle—was taboo.  Oh, how the tables have turned.  Now as an in-demand model, full-time ink slinger—at Ink and Pistons Tattoo in West Palm Beach, FL—and a celebrated painter, Ms. Vendetta is living proof that the tattoo culture is seeing better days.

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