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We’re season-less here in Florida but we still share the same excitement for the end of summer, even though cooler days cease to exist for another 4+ months. Most things stay the same—the foliage, coats remain tucked away in dark corners of closets, and it’s still hot enough not to be able to crack your windows at night. We may not be able to see or feel fall, but one thing that always changes seasonally is style, no matter your location. Certain colors fade where monochromatic color schemes are introduced.

More women are inclined to change their hair color or style or both before the change of a season. Light+Short for Spring/Summer. Dark+Long for Fall/Winter. Floridians participate in a pseudo “fall season” in an attempt to break up the year-round monotony. An urge for change is created that is unmarked by weather, rather we’re informed by styles changing elsewhere, and whether drastic or subtle, expressing yourself through fashion—switching up your color/cut, or accessorizing  etc., is FUNNNNNN. If you’ve been lusting after a certain color, cut, or style for a while, go for it—there’s a reason you keep considering it, and nothing with hair is permanent!

Here are some hair trends for FALL/WINTER 2014:

The French Plait + Fish Tail Plait
Side Parts
The Undone Look
Center Parted Low Pony





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