Bianca is a cutting specialist at Bond Street Salon, where she has worked full time since March of 2011. Bianca’s experiences in the hair industry extend well beyond her proper education with Bumble & Bumble, L’Oreal and Vidal Sassoon, as well as her experiences working in other high end salons, but also into her youth. Bianca embraced techniques and styles utilized by her father, a well respected stylist and salon owner in her hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. Bianca considers these early lessons to have been a precursor to the recognition she earned by the well-regarded Delray Beach Magazine as a featured stylist in 2015.

In an industry saddled with the misconception that to obtain beauty you must conceal or alter organic foundations to mimic popular trends, Bianca proves that true beauty is unleashed by harnessing it naturally. By not “fighting your hair,” Bianca creates styles that embrace the textures and uniqueness each client possesses. This technique permits her clients to have an exceptional cut with very minimal maintenance.