Cutting specialist Lo Michelle claims Wisconsin as her home state, but she has deep Delray Beach roots: her mom is a native and Lo frequently visited throughout her childhood. Lo graduated from the Hair Design Institute in Boynton Beach in 2014.

Lo has an original and fresh point of view. She prefers to cut dry hair and enjoys challenging cuts and styles. Her ideal client has clean, natural hair and isn’t looking for a high-maintenance “do.” Lo is talented with long haircuts but enjoys short cuts as well, as they can be a bit more challenging.

A testament to her tendency to gravitate toward natural styles, Lo cuts hair organically, based on what she sees — not in a structured or traditional way. As a result, her clients get effortless locks, techniques and products to help them maintain their style with ease at home.

Prior to living in Delray, Lo lived in Monterey, California, and was a Russian translator for the military. She is currently working on her Spanish and continues to study Russian. When she’s not at Bond Street Salon or mastering her cutting techniques with continuing education courses, she likes to lounge on the beach, support local businesses and hang out with her two cats, Gustavo and Malinka.