While South Florida may not be battling snow days and negative temps, we still consider Winter in Florida a season … maybe? With with any “season” it’s an opportunity to change up your look and try one of the newest hair trends. Not sure what you’re looking for? In honor of our warm Florida weather, we have complied the 3 hottest hair trends to try in Winter 2019.

1. To Put it Bluntly

The blunt jawline bob is the ultimate it-girl fashion statement and the cut is only getting shorter in 2019. Be sure to ask your favorite Bond Street Stylist for a straight bob in line with your jawline, shorter in back and longer in front. Just an inch or two below your ears. This modern bob can be elevated and styled according to your mood: add waves for volume, add texture spray for definition and for a sexier finish go choppy on the ends

2. Simple + Sophisticated

Looking for love in Winter 2019? Add some soft bangs! These romantic and wispy bangs add extra dimension to long hair or playful dimension to shorter cuts. Bangs help to frame your face and long fringe is coming back in a big way this season. The cut can add extra shape to every hair texture and doesn’t require a lot of styling.

3. Sweet Seamless Layer

Not sure if you want to go short but also don’t want to keep it long? Then the mid-length lob is perfect! This cut falls between short and long while staying on trend. The cut utilizes seamless layers to create a more structured and less textured look. Ask for your length to be between a bob and mid-length with blunt edges. Fine hair can achieve this look by adding subtle layers to help maintain the strong shape

Bond Street Salon is a proud Wella Salon, only a hairdresser can reveal your true color. For over 135 years, Wella has been delivering professional hair color innovations that enable hairdressers’ creativity. Schedule your 2019 appointment today + stock up on your Winter hair essentials: Bond Street Salon, Delray Beach FL (561) 330-8760

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