Is it more difficult to believe that this year is almost behind us or that it actually happened? Debatable. Following African Dust, killer bees, getting used to seeing everyone you know wearing a mask, globally ordered house arrest, toilet paper shortages, and a perhaps unparalleled universal level of uncertainty, I imagine we could all use a professional grade remedy for renewal. We certainly have one at Bond Street Salon.

Oribe recently released their Renewal Remedies, and thank god.
Their website elucidates the new in-salon remedies as “transformative professional treatments custom blended by your stylist.”
For professional use only. Don’t try this kind of perfection at home, kids.

Shifting the pandemic focus onto self-care and the salon experience, aforementioned treatments are a revolutionary way to maintain the integrity of your hair and really hone it all in for a few minutes while you’re at it. One size does not fit all and your (hairs) needs are not uniform with those of everyone else: you are an individual. Each of these treatments is individually formulated by your stylist for a specific goal while restoring the holistic health your hair.

The foundation of each treatment is a base selected for your specific hair type: fine, medium, thick, course. All foundations fortify the hair’s inner structure and restore the outer, perhaps damaged, layer. Hair Radiance Complex secures the cuticle, thus enhancing radiance and shine while Polymeric UV filters condition and protect against sun damage, fading and dryness. Then, there are the amplifiers which address each client’s individual needs: smoothing, strengthening and color retention.

The smoothing amplifier reduces frizz and encourages softer, more manageable hair. Strengthening amplifies the elasticity the hair from the inner structure out. Color retention restores the hair’s outer layer, makes color more vivid while protecting from oxidative stress and blessing your tresses with hella shine. Thanks to the revolutionary base and amplifier formula, serious results are seen in as little as 5 minutes and last between multiple washes. We’ve never seen anything like it and seeing is believing, ask about Renewal Remedies the next time you stop in for your weekly treatment.

Laura Powers, 2020. Author retains ownership; reuse or reprint by permission only.

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