Bond Street Salon philosophy is rooted in the belief that as Hairdressers, it is our sacred responsibility to use a person’s greatest natural accessory, hair, to reveal the innate, authentic expression of beauty from within. Such that it can and will reflect in an outward way. Our resources and expertise are relied upon to help direct and bring to fruition an aesthetic that is as unique to each person as they are. An aesthetic that is an absolute reflection of not only who you are but, more importantly, who you want to be.


As a teaching based salon, Bond Street recognizes the importance of passing on knowledge and experiences to those who wish to receive it. Continuing education classes for new students entering the industry and masters alike, are held regularly to influence new perspectives. Whether we invite fresh ideas hosted by specialized artists or classes taught by our in house stylists, it is vital to continue the lifeline of the many Hairdressers that came before us and the many that will follow in succession. Hairdressing can be taught in many different fashions; varying in teaching style, language, beliefs, ideas, and approaches. There is no “right” way to style  hair, but there certainly is a means to create a product of excellence in which Bond Street strives to achieve by cultivating passion through education amongst our team.

Only a hairdresser can reveal your true color. Bond Street Salon proudly uses Wella hair color. For over 135 years, Wella has been delivering professional hair color innovations that enable hairdressers’ creativity.