As hairdressers, it is our sacred mission to use our expertise to reveal the unique light of beauty within you. We believe that first impressions are more important than your Instagram feed. And because of this, we utilize our dynamic ingenuity & creativity to create a look that works for your lifestyle and aesthetic: so you can rock your hair for any meeting, dog walk or after party, regardless if you’re ready or not. 

     Bond Street is empowered by passing on the passion, knowledge, & experiences to those who wish to receive it. We welcome new students entering the industry & masters alike in our classes that inspire and shape insurgent perspectives of what we can do with our canvas. We’re constantly curating our curriculum to match the moment. Whether a specialized guest or one of our in-house stylists, we pass on the titillating spirit of Bond Street Salon by echoing that our hair is not only a refection of who you are but projects who you want to be. 

Only a hairdresser can reveal your true color. Bond Street Salon proudly uses Wella hair color. For over 135 years, Wella has been delivering professional hair color innovations that enable hairdressers’ creativity.