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By Bond Street Salon | May 5, 2020

Envisioning your arrival at the hair salon is sure to induce you into a meditative state of sorts: The creative atmosphere, a chic espresso, the ethereal smell of professional products, warm smiles, hugs and chitchat, normally. As businesses slowly begin to open back up, stylists and clients alike can feel a universal anticipation building in…


By Bond Street Salon | April 1, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic permeates throughout the world, it may seem juvenile to be concerned about beauty and upkeep, but I beg to differ. For one, as much of the population is currently quarantined at home, taking the scenic route now entails an uncomfortable amount of time in front of an electronic screen or the…

Growing up: Stylists

By Bond Street Salon | March 5, 2020

Having nothing but full confidence that you all know how to spend St. Patrick’s Day here in America, I’d like to veer away from such an obvious topic this month. While cheap stale green beer is a tired and widely known topic, under the radar fly assistants in salons. A perhaps common misconception is that…


By Bond Street Salon | February 13, 2020

As an employee of Lauren Donald, owner of Bond Street and founder of The LSD Movement, and an against the grain type by nature, Valentine’s Day has always left an awkward taste in my mouth. For one, this remarkably capitalistic holiday’s history is far from romantic. Valentine’s Day originates from the Roman festival of Lupercalia:…

New Year New Hair!

By Bond Street Salon | January 27, 2020

Integrity of the hair in 2020 Congratulations on making it gracefully (or not) through the holidays and into 2020! We all know the stress simply being merry at the end of the year requires. This includes long lines, last minute decisions, attempting to impress your in-laws, plenty of wine and of course, dehydration. With so…


By Bond Street Salon | December 2, 2019

Nothing says “happy holidays” like the perfect gift. With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to make a list and check it twice! Despite all the seasonal cheer and time with loved ones, the art of gift-giving can be stressful. So, to make things easier, we’ve rounded up a list of the top 2019 must-have…

3 Holiday Hair Trends for Winter 2019:

By Bond Street Salon | November 1, 2019

Halloween has come and gone … The holidays are almost here! With the change of seasons comes a long list of seasonal gatherings and with party season upon us, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore new holiday hair trends. Whether you prefer sleek style, sultry waves, cute n’ curly or an accessory with some shimmer…

The Coolest Hair Trends to Try Right Now!

By Bond Street Salon | October 1, 2019

Welcome Fall: We are here for the cool fall trends and not just pumpkin spice lattes! This season it’s all about the playful 80’s and 90’s throwbacks taking over Instagram. These trends include everything from playful ponytails to strategically placed hair accessories. We have complied 3 of the latest hair trends for fall 2019. The…

Fall 2019 Hair Trends

By Bond Street Salon | September 2, 2019

Say hello to fall and cooler, toned-down hair color trends and fashion-forward accessories this season. Indulge in some hair bling to accent those coffee colored browns and deep red tones for a fresh autumn look. We have complied 3 of the latest hair trends for fall 2019. The inspiration you need to transition from bold…

Revive + Replenish: Essential Summer Hair Treatments

By Bond Street Salon | August 1, 2019

With Summer in full swing it’s the perfect time to revive and restore your hair’s luster with some rejuvenating treatments. These nourishing treatments help replenish moisture, provide natural proteins and assist with combating Summer’s environmental effects. Give your hair the treatment it deserves; we have highlighted 3 luxurious in-salon treatments that will help restore your…




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