Masked Beauty: The New Normal

Raise your hand if your beauty routine has been personally victimized by COVID-19. You are not alone. A year ago we were restructuring our routines to embrace self-care quarantined in our homes. Now, those of us integrated back into public have the pleasure of trouble shooting things like the now infamous mask acne, or MASKNE. […]

Rediscovering Your Self-Esteem

How long is too long to claim you’re still getting used to new circumstances? Well, I don’t know about you but I was blessed with the luxurious superpower of immense procrastination: truly a wizard of putting things off. As a rule of thumb, I generally assume that if I have to ask if I’ve been […]


I could preface this post with some quick witted catch phrase but I’ll just say this, the atrocities of the year 2020 are so unparalleled that I’m, frankly, tired of making jokes about that exactly. I am by no means above above letting a full face of makeup melt off into a bath tub while […]

Pandemic Hair Loss

If you’re not one of us finding ourselves rubbing our concealer free, scratchy red allergy eyes in the middle of the night (anytime, really), losing our shit as we come to and realize that this year was not in fact a dream, you deserve an award. You have an grandiose amount of either strength or […]


Is it more difficult to believe that this year is almost behind us or that it actually happened? Debatable. Following African Dust, killer bees, getting used to seeing everyone you know wearing a mask, globally ordered house arrest, toilet paper shortages, and a perhaps unparalleled universal level of uncertainty, I imagine we could all use […]


This past Friday, September 25th, Governor Ron DeSantis announced that Florida is moving into phase 3 of reopening and what a journey it has been getting here! Saint Patrick’s Day was essentially cancelled and it seems as though some sort of socially distanced slumber happened where time ceased to exist. From quarantine to the DIY […]


What a time to be alive, am I right? From quarantine, to social distancing, to no longer being able to simply go out and make an ass of yourself on any given night, things are happening: DIY HAIR IS HAPPENING. At home hair experiments, often inspired by the internet, are nothing new. However, the “new […]


An upcoming collaboration by Bond Street’s owner Lauren Donald and makeup artist, Martha Borowska, has made me sit back and really think about what beauty essentially is. The said collaboration is a photoshoot showcasing models who are “essentially different”: not your run of the mill blonde, photoshopped, tiny waisted portrait children of capitalism. I’d say […]

4th of July

With the Fourth of July quickly approaching, it is hard to ignore that independence has taken on a whole new meaning this year. After all, we collectively spent months independent from human contact and social interaction we are so habituated to. Grocery shopping became the big event of the week while we were forced to […]


What is there to say about the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantine that has yet to be said? It was a great equalizer, for one. Sylvia Plath once said that few things bring people together like co-vomiting in the back of a taxi. I’m confident that being quarantined from our self-care routines, growing out our […]