Word is Bond Street 

Halloween is right around the corner. With it, comes fall “brondes”, warm tones, and all the rich, vampy colors we love as things begin to cool down. There is no rule that one must transition their summer locks into something fatally fall. Yet, as many of us do, now seems like an opportune time to […]


Few things get a hairstylist as excited as a new line of products to play with and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing the past few weeks. Bond Street is proudly the first and only salon in Delray Beach carrying the newly launched elite line of products by R + Co, Bleu. Named after tranquil […]

Masked Beauty: The New Normal

Raise your hand if your beauty routine has been personally victimized by COVID-19. You are not alone. A year ago we were restructuring our routines to embrace self-care quarantined in our homes. Now, those of us integrated back into public have the pleasure of trouble shooting things like the now infamous mask acne, or MASKNE. […]

Rediscovering Your Self-Esteem

How long is too long to claim you’re still getting used to new circumstances? Well, I don’t know about you but I was blessed with the luxurious superpower of immense procrastination: truly a wizard of putting things off. As a rule of thumb, I generally assume that if I have to ask if I’ve been […]


I could preface this post with some quick witted catch phrase but I’ll just say this, the atrocities of the year 2020 are so unparalleled that I’m, frankly, tired of making jokes about that exactly. I am by no means above above letting a full face of makeup melt off into a bath tub while […]

Pandemic Hair Loss

If you’re not one of us finding ourselves rubbing our concealer free, scratchy red allergy eyes in the middle of the night (anytime, really), losing our shit as we come to and realize that this year was not in fact a dream, you deserve an award. You have an grandiose amount of either strength or […]

Growing up: Stylists

Having nothing but full confidence that you all know how to spend St. Patrick’s Day here in America, I’d like to veer away from such an obvious topic this month. While cheap stale green beer is a tired and widely known topic, under the radar fly assistants in salons. A perhaps common misconception is that […]


Nothing says “happy holidays” like the perfect gift. With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to make a list and check it twice! Despite all the seasonal cheer and time with loved ones, the art of gift-giving can be stressful. So, to make things easier, we’ve rounded up a list of the top 2019 must-have […]

Fall 2019 Hair Trends

Say hello to fall and cooler, toned-down hair color trends and fashion-forward accessories this season. Indulge in some hair bling to accent those coffee colored browns and deep red tones for a fresh autumn look. We have complied 3 of the latest hair trends for fall 2019. The inspiration you need to transition from bold […]

Men’s Summer Hairstyles

Selecting a new summer style can be a challenge so we have hand-picked a collection of men’s summer haircuts to help you stay cool all summer long. From buzz cuts to fades to the classic pumps and slick back styles all of these men’s cuts are sure to sizzle this summer. Make a statement at […]