Hair extensions can have powerful results. Whether you are hoping to achieve length, volume, or both, Bond Street Salon has you covered from consultation to final look. We have many talented stylists that are certified by the leading brand in the industry, NBR. With our expertise we provide unparalleled results that will have you feeling like a brand new person!

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Our team at Bond Street specializes in both hand-tied and tape-in extensions. We only use the highest quality possible, 100% human hair.


With hand tied extensions, your stylist will meticulously sew the weft flat onto your head. The thread used is very thin so you are guaranteed flawless results. It allows for maximum versatility  and can be worn way you desire.


While this method is faster than hand-tied extensions, it still provides a beautiful and high-quality finish. Tape-ins are installed by a professional to be perfectly aligned with the roots of your natural hair. It is then sandwiched and pressed together to form a long-lasting bond.

Which is Better for Me?

Neither method proves superior than the other, as they provide excellent results. They are different in terms of installation, but both create a beautiful look. Interested in how extensions can help you achieve your hair’s full potential? Unsure of which method is right for you? Our experts are happy to speak with you regarding which method works best with your budget, lifestyle and goals. Consultations are required to discuss what your goals are, our colorists and extension specialists work closely together to match the hair to blend your extensions. The end results will have you thinking why you did not get hair extensions sooner!


As experts of our environment, at Bond Street Salon you can rest assured you will always receive the best experience. We have a great team of certified stylists including Jacquie, Rachel, and Lexi, all of which have had in-depth training and with skilled mastery have executed the service for countless clients. 

We are committed to helping you achieve the look you want. Every step in the process is done with an individualized approach. Everybody deserves to feel confident and beautiful, and when you sit in our chair we make sure to give you a transformative result you’ll love.

Call our salon to book a consultation with one of our talented stylists today!

Additional Information

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Once you have had hair extensions installed, you will need to follow up with routine maintenance. We will guide you through all the upkeep necessary to maintain your hair’s longevity.

There are a few simple tips and tricks to keep your hair extensions looking great. Stick to using hair care products that are sulfate and paraben-free. Those who have extensions should ensure to gently brush their hair daily. Extensions can have long  lasting results with proper care and management.

In addition to an at-home regimen, a retape is necessary every 6-8 weeks for those with fine or medium hair and 8-10 weeks if you have thicker hair. For hand-tied extensions, the follow ups are every 6-8 weeks if you have fine or medium hair, and 10-12 weeks for those who have thicker hair. 

Let Us Answer Your Questions

We are happy to answer any and all of your questions regarding the process, do not hesitate to call us. We provide the best hair extension services in Delray Beach and look forward to helping you attain your hair goals. Contact us today!

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