Selecting a new summer style can be a challenge so we have hand-picked a collection of men’s summer haircuts to help you stay cool all summer long. From buzz cuts to fades to the classic pumps and slick back styles all of these men’s cuts are sure to sizzle this summer. Make a statement at the beach with these 3 men’s summer haircuts that help you beat the heat!


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1. Fade Away – Tight Fade with Cropped Top

One of the most versatile men’s cuts, this high-and-tight style is made for the summer heat. Even if you already have one you can modify your winter style for the summer sizzle by going a little shorter on the sides. Ensure the top is about 2+ inches and your stylist adds some texture with scissors. This low-maintenance haircut looks great with a little product added to towel-dried hair – and you’re ready for the sun and waves!


2. Surfer Style –Shoulder-Length Beachy Hair

Surf’s Up, Brah! Even if you have never been on a surf board, longer shoulder-length hair is always in. To look like you’ve spent all day at the beach, the key to this shoulder-length cut is all about the styling. Get the right out of the ocean look with a salt spray, apply on damp hair and let it air-dry to get that beachy texture. You can also make your own spray by adding fine sea salt to water and placing it in a spray bottle. Experiment and find the right ratio of salt to water that works for you and doesn’t over-dry your hair.


3. Groovy Baby – 70’s Shaggy Style

Ready for a blast from the past? This style may require some maintenance and styling but it is worth it. If you are ready for a trim this is the cut for you, it’s recommended to let your hair grow-out for at least month. You will need the length in order to give the cut shape and texture. Your stylist will cut some groovy layers into your hair creating the perfectly retro “mop” style! Be sure to style hair with a pomade or leave-in conditioner to keep the shaggy-layers tamed and avoid any frizz from the summer humidity.


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