Integrity of the hair in 2020

Congratulations on making it gracefully (or not) through the holidays and into 2020! We all know the stress simply being merry at the end of the year requires. This includes long lines, last minute decisions, attempting to impress your in-laws, plenty of wine and of course, dehydration. With so much pressure to get everything right in such a minuscule amount of time, it is unfortunately easy to forget to give your tresses the love and care they deserve. We, at Bond Street Salon, would like to discuss three ways you can maintain the integrity of your hair in the new year that are far easier than maintaining your composure during the holidays.

1. Olaplex

Now that all of the champagne and confetti have subsided, your hair may feel as though it’s been left at ground zero from keeping it in a perpetually Instagram worthy state. Getting your highlights merry and bright, voluptuous blowouts, curling, ironing and the like can all translate to damage. Hair is made of disulfide bonds which are broken down from heat, chemical and environmental stress. Luckily, the future is here.

The patented technology of Olaplex, founded in 2014 by elite chemists Dr. Eric Pressly and Dr. Craig Hawker, single handely works to restore the hair to its organic state by repairing the hair’s disulfide bonds. It is a three part system and certainly an essential for getting your hair back on the path to righteousness after the holiday season. The first two steps of the Olaplex system are available in salon only. They can be added to your color service at your next appointment and are also offered as a standalone treatment. While rebuilding the disulfide bonds which make up the structure of the hair, Olaplex is beneficial to absolutely everyone. After one treatment the hair is noticeably strengthened. You will see restored body, texture, shine and a great reduction of frizz.

The third step is an at-home Hair Perfector which you can purchase in the salon or at Applied by yourself in the comfort of your own home, we recommend using the third step once a week to once a month depending on how compromised, or damaged, your hair is. The Hair Perfector can be applied to wet or dry hair and left on for a minimum or ten minutes to be rinsed and shampooed afterwards. The longer it is left on the hair, the better results you will see.

While Olaplex is nothing short of miraculous (science is real), it is a bond builder, not a conditioner. Now that the inside structure of your hair has been addressed, we’ll move onto the outside layer.

2. Conditioning in 2020

They say that everything should be done in moderation except for hydration. Your hair needs moisture just as much as you need to remember to drink water. Chemical and styling stress not only translate to broken disulfide bonds but also to dryness. To restore and maintain the integrity of the hair, conditioning is absolutely essential.

Just as you may be resolving to get back into a fitness regimen, we highly suggest conditioning your hair in a similar fashion. As a salon with an integrity based philosophy, Bond Street offers complimentary treatments to our clients. This ceremonial service begins by cleansing the hair twice with a sulfate free shampoo. While sulfates produce extra lather, they trick you into thinking your hair is extra clean while stripping the hair of its essential oils and color, thus doing more harm than good. Once your hair has been properly cleansed, it is generously coated with a top tier hydrating conditioner from root to ends and then set under a state of the art heat lamp. When heat is applied, the hair’s cuticle opens up allowing the conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft and hydrate from the inside out.

Don’t have time to make it in the salon for a treatment as often as you need to? No problem! A favorite, and top requested product line at Bond Street is Under the Sun. It can be purchased in the salon or at A phenomenal optionfor hydrating the hair at home, this system not only cleanses without sulfates but protects the hair from environmental elements and hydrates both the interior and exterior of the hair. Developed by owner Lauren Donald, Under the Sun boasts natural ingredients such as honey and hibiscus to protect from heat, macadamia nut oil to protect from humidity, as well as vitamin E and lemon peel to protect from the sun. We recommend using the Lets Get Deep conditioner as a treatment. You can simply slather it on wet hair, brush through and then pin up or fasten in a bun to work its magic as you put your feet up and catch up on your favorite shows while maintaining the integrity of your peace and soul.

3. Regular trims or dustings

Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by putting off your haircut appointments and therefore the split ends you’ve acquired because of that. While repairing and hydrating the hair are crucial to its integrity, nothing is more important than proper and regular haircuts. Cutting expert and owner, Lauren Donald says, “The average haircut requires a trim or dusting every six to eight weeks in order to maintain its style. However, if someone is attempting to grow their hair, they may want to push that from eight to twelve weeks.” Don’t let your conditioning efforts go to waste, keep your haircut fresh.

Now that it is not only a new year but a new decade, we’d like to start anew and really stress how crucial self care is to one’s well being. Don’t undermine the importance of investing in yourself. You are the one that has to wake up and be you everyday.


Happy New Year from Bond Street Salon!

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