If you’re not one of us finding ourselves rubbing our concealer free, scratchy red allergy eyes in the middle of the night (anytime, really), losing our shit as we come to and realize that this year was not in fact a dream, you deserve an award. You have an grandiose amount of either strength or denial and I, for one, admire both. As for the rest of us, what a shit show. Let’s not waste anytime formally recapping the long list of insurmountable obstacles we’ve been faced with as a species in 2020. Let’s start here instead: stress and depression are treated for a reason.

Those blessed enough to be back to work in the salon industry have not had to endure total isolation and lack of community. We have put ourselves at risk to continue our livelihoods and passions. We have also seen first hand at least one of the tangible effects of pandemic stress and depression: hair loss. Shortly after South Florida’s initial quarantine, it started. A few clients complained of hair loss at first, a few stylists even. Then a few more, and then more than enough to realistically look over and brand as a phenomenal coincidence. It was impossible to deny when you could see it in the sinks with your own eyes. I am no doctor, but every client I’ve spoken to that has seen one about the shedding of their hair reported that nothing was found to be abnormal or wrong with them other than stress.

Now, seven months after our return to work, the sprouting of new hair across the board is undeniable. Inner strength and denial are powerful forces. They are not your only options, however. Our salon carries medical grade biotin (vitamin B7) supplements. Research suggests that biotin inhibits hair growth, as well as improving the quality of the hair via thickness and shine. Hair loss or thinning are actually common symptoms of those deficient in biotin. We also carry Viviscal Professional which lengthens the hair growth cycle and has been clinically proven to significantly decrease hair loss. Viviscal Professional has 28% more of its excuse marine complex than the version sold online and in stores and can only be obtained from a doctor or salon professional.

If hair loss is something you’ve experienced, you are not alone & we are here for you.
We strive to maintain a safe retreat from the rat race of reality within our salon environment while likewise building confidence in all of our clients. Doing what we can to combat said stresses, let it be known that self-care is one sure fire way to recuperate and recharge. Perhaps nothing is more clinically proven to combat the effects of stress. Its easy to forget to make quality time for yourself even when practicing social distancing. Take care of your peace and your soul and see how the benefits manifest physically.

Laura Powers, 2020. Author retains ownership; reuse or reprint by permission only.

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