Rediscovering Your Self-Esteem

How long is too long to claim you’re still getting used to new circumstances? Well, I don’t know about you but I was blessed with the luxurious superpower of immense procrastination: truly a wizard of putting things off. As a rule of thumb, I generally assume that if I have to ask if I’ve been putting something for too long, the answer is always yes. Self-care, unfortunately, is often the topic in question.

Nearly a year ago, many of us were frankly losing our shit over not being able to keep up with ourselves as society shut down in lieu of the pandemic. For a while, this transitioned into not totally hating the break from our self-care/beauty regimens, and the stress they induced upon our wallets and hectic schedules. After a while, let’s be honest, who could remember what a schedule was? Who could still decipher time properly?

How many of us are still living in that state and don’t know exactly how to get ourselves back to being, well, ourselves?

A word of advice: consider reintroducing a self-care regimen. You don’t have to risk your health to take care of yourself. Aside from a mandatory mask policy, our salon is sanitized around the clock, after every client, and even routinely sprayed by professionals. We have special air filters that ensure a clean environment around the clock. We have successfully found a way to keep making people feel good about themselves without spreading covid-19. We want you to know this space is here for you.

If you’re feeling lousy about yourself, especially if you’ve found yourself working from home everyday as many have, re-implementing a self-care routine could have an enormous impact on rediscovering your self-esteem. For one, a little human interaction can go a long way. Conversing with someone who is not your boss or your child is sure to validate your own sanity to yourself. Taking some time to pamper, relax & get your ends trimmed and your roots refreshed are both sure self-esteem refreshers. Maybe, you feel this new normal necessitates a whole new look or hair transformation. We’ve got you! We offer complimentary treatments once a week to all of our clients. So, a salon visit doesn’t have to involve paying a large ticket every time. And let me say, sitting under the drying lamp feels fantastic in the midst of this frigid South Florida winter.

A salon visit could likely be the first step of a journey to rediscovering your self-esteem. When you’re ready to give it a try, you are welcome.

Laura Powers, 2020. Author retains rights to ownership; reuse or reprint by permission only.

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