Halloween is right around the corner. With it, comes fall “brondes”, warm tones, and all the rich, vampy colors we love as things begin to cool down. There is no rule that one must transition their summer locks into something fatally fall. Yet, as many of us do, now seems like an opportune time to go over effective communication skills when it comes to embracing change. Below are a few tips on getting the most out of the next consultation with your stylist.

1. Come as are you are. Wearing your hair as you do you on a typical day, styled or not, is especially helpful when meeting a stylist for the first time. Seeing your dried hair and its texture is ideal for you to express any and all of the finer details you are looking for, whether going after a new cut or color. Your lived-in hair will best represent you and help your stylist cocktail up a plan of action that will best serve your personal look and styling habits.

2. Secrets don’t make friends. Be up front about past services you’ve had in another salon or given yourself at home. Whether it be relaxing, touching up your own roots during quarantine, or highlights you’ve mostly grown out, an honest and detailed story of your hair is nothing short of helpful for maintaining the integrity of your hair, as well as your stylist being able to give you realistic recommendations. This is especially true when you are after a dramatic change.

3. A picture is worth a thousand words. Having a few photos to draw upon during your consultation can be very helpful, similar to having key points you’d like to discuss with a doctor written down. Everyone’s hair is different, needless to say. Having several photos with several things you like about the hair in mind, as well as what you DON’T, are sure to help you illustrate finer details you may forget to mention.

Word is bond, after all.

Laura Powers, 2021. Author retains ownership; reuse or reprint by permission only.

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